Shabby Chic Ruffles // Tee Refashion + Using Fabric Scraps

I really like the front of this tee, especially that fleur-de-lis with the rhinestones. The sleeves were a tad bit too short. You know that awkward length where it's not a tank top, but not quite a true short sleeve? Yep, this was the case with these sleeves. Lately, I've been trying to use my fabric scraps so I can use up my material as much as I can. I planned out ruffles for this tee and some lace sleeves. 

1. I went through my sweater lace fabric scraps, and I picked some to make the first ruffle.
2. I sewed the scraps together. 
3. For the second ruffle, I used a beige chiffon. 
4. Next, I gathered both ruffles.
5. I sewed that ruffle to the shirt as shown.
6. Close up photo of how the layers were shown together.
The white sweater lace is sewn down to the RIGHT side of the tee. The chiffon layer is sewed with the WRONG side facing up. :)

1. I chopped off those sleeves!
2. I added some length to the sleeves with the sweater lace.
3. Sleeves looking much better. :)
4. I sewed those sleeves on the tee.
5. Sleeves! 

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