Your Love Never Fails

"Your love never fails,
Never gives up,
Never runs out on me"

I really love this song. 
When it first came out, my soul just rejoiced in it so much. It reminds me of Psalm 136. The message in the Psalm is pretty clear, "God's love never fails." How comforting is that? God repeatedly tells us that His love never fails. In this life, many things will fail. You can lose people, your house, your job, etc. The list is endless. BUT we can be confident enough to say that we can never lose God. Yes, we can walk away from Him, but He will never walk away from us. He is there whenever we need Him.

"Praise God in heaven! God’s love never fails."

PSALM 136:26


  1. And on...and on...and on...and on...it goes. As it overwhelms and floods my soul.

    You have a beautiful blog. I think what draws me to it is your style, which is trendy, but still modest, and your gorgeous heart, which shines through in your posts. So excited to have found you!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog as well! I'm glad I found you through Instagram :)


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