Mood Board: Valentine's Day 2016

This was my first mood board since 2014! 
I hadn't done anything "fashion related" since I was attending FIDM. I missed it wholeheartedly. From my time at FIDM (2 1/2 years), I managed to collect a huge stack of magazines. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I love all the inspiration that magazines have to offer. When I took my trend forecasting classes, I fell in love with mood boards, color palettes, and fabrics. I loved creating a story with all of these elements.

Theme: Valentine's Day Romance
Color: Red (Passion) was a must, because it is the color of love. I chose a 2 glitter patterns (Lovestruck & First Date) and a gold (j'adore) to add some sort of glamorous element to the theme.
Fabrics: I chose a fabrics that were rich in color and texture, such as Velvet and Sateen. I also chose a sequined fabric to tie it all together, and add some sparkle like I did with the color story.

Below are some close ups of my mood board. :)

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