Shabby Chic "Heart of Gold" // Plus a Glitter Fabric Paint FAIL LOL

I was so excited to try out my gold glitter fabric paint. I didn't even try to read a "how-to" or anything, because I was sure I could do this. NOT! The two photos below are my fails LOL. 

For a successful glitter design, do not do these things:
- Use a plain printer paper stencil (It sticks like crazy!)
- Leave the said printer paper stencil to dry along with the paint (What was I thinking??)

Do use freezer paper please! I'll be featuring a tutorial in the near future. :)

The heart turned out rough around the edges, 

and the verse turned out, well, VERY rough around the edges. :)

I didn't want to toss it out, though, so I thought of a way to use the heart. Read on below. :)

I used a black and white polka dot top that ended up matching perfectly. :)

1. I cut around the heart, leaving some pink fabric around. Then I pinned black lace around it.
2. I sewed the black lace. 
3. See the pink outline? I cut some interfacing the same size as the heart. I did this to make it easier to sew the heart onto the super stretchy jersey tee.
4. The interfacing piece was ironed on the tee, soft side up.
5. I pinned the heart to the tee, making sure to match up with the interfacing.
6. To finish up, I sewed on three vintage/gold buttons to add to the element of "shabby chic-ness." (Is that a word?)


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