"Autumn Garden" Tunic

Today's refashion was made from a skirt and a tee shirt. I really liked the bottom pattern of the skirt, it felt so "autumn-y." At first I was going to pair the bottom with an orange shirt, but that didn't work out. I ended up pairing it with a brown tee shirt. Since I felt it was too plain, I replaced the sides and sleeves of the shirt with ivory sweater lace.

1. I replaced the sides of the tee shirt with some sweater lace. I did that using these instructions here to make do that part of this refashion. See how it turned out?

2. Next, I chopped the skirt. I used the bottom embroidered part.

3. I zig zag stitched all around, and also a gathering stitch. Then, I gathered it to match the length of the shirt I was attaching it to.


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