How to Make a Sweater With an Irregular Circle Hem

This sweater was inspired by one I had seen at a local boutique. It had a very cool circular hem and just looked downright adorable. I started off using this striped top and some sweater lace fabric I had gotten at FIDM awhile back. Funny thing, I had originally planned to make a circular hem, but since I didn't fold my fabric into a perfect square, it came out asymmetrical LOL. I don't know what I was thinking when making the circle part out of a rectangle I folded. I ended up liking the hem better than a circular hem to be honest. :)

1. I chopped off the top part of the soon to be sweater.

2. I folded my fabric for the bottom portion as shown. One fold down first, then one fold to the left. To get that asymmetrical hem, I folded my fabric as a rectangle, rather than a circle.

3. I cut through 4 layers of fabric.

4. Notice how the top side is shorter than the right side of the now "circle." This is so you can get that cool asymmetrical hem at the end. :)

The circle that I pointed out in the photo has to do with the chop I made in Step 1. I just kept cutting until it fit the top part of the soon to be sweater. See the next step so it all makes more sense. :)

5. See? And this is how I sewed the lace to the top part. The right sides of the fabrics should be facing each other.


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