Men's Shirt to Skirt Refashion // With Waistband & Zipper

I've had this idea to make a skirt of out a men's shirt for the longest time now. My husband always gives me clothes he doesn't need or want anymore. He knows I always find a way to make something cool out of said items. :) So now I have acquired a nice pile of men's shirts and I decided to make my first skirt. At first I thought of making an elastic waistband, but after I made it, I wasn't happy with it. So, I took it apart and made a waistband out of the sleeves of the shirt. I didn't want to make this refashion post super long, so I decided to make a tutorial post for this refashion. I plan on making more skirts, but different designs.

Click  here for the tutorial. You can also find my other tutorials under the "tutorial" link on the navigation bar. 


  1. I am literally just about to do this with some if my hubby's shirts for my little girl! Yours is so cute!

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