3 Must-Wear Items To Take On A Hot Holiday

Women have so many choices for holiday clothing. Bikinis, crop tops, skirts, beach dresses, tea dresses and even flared chinos. But what about men? You don’t have to wear jeans, shorts or just t-shirts. There are many more clothing options for men who want to look more bold, from the country, with style and confidence too. What else should you be packing for a hotter climate? You can and should be wary of the conditions you want to feel in when you’re out and about on a beach, in a crowded restaurant or perhaps in a long line waiting to get into a club. On top of this you always want to pack a few home comforts. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to enjoy everything in a foreign land far far away. If you’re off to have a holiday in a hot climate, take some of these things.

Dress light but sharp

Men who don’t want to break tradition and love classic fashion, are not without options for searing hot days. You don’t have to wander around the room wondering what to wear if you have packed one of these custom made mens suits. For 85 years, Canali has made some of the best suits for men coming out of Italy. Everything is completely handmade, making this brand one of the more discernible luxury suit brands for the modern man. However they make suits for the everyday man, they’re not just for the wealthy. Their sport jackets are something you will want to take with you when you’re in a stuffy high-humidity environment. Made out of some of the best wool and cotton you can buy, these jackets breathe with you, keeping a consistent airflow around your body.

Let your feet lounge 

When you’re come this far to a hot country for your holiday, the last thing you want to worry about your clothes. Don’t make a big song and dance about looking good, just slip something on. These wicker slipper cut loafers are exactly the kind of effortless style you want when you’re off down the riviera, the cobblestone streets and the shopping centers around town. Easy to put on, easy to take off. Yet they also allow your foot to flex, breathe and move around freely inside. As you can guess by looking at the material, they’re also lightweight. That’s exactly what you want on holiday, clothes that don’t remind you every second of their presence. The cooler, lighter and more flexible your footwear is, the calmer more relaxed you’ll feel.

Go retro

For every stylish outfit in the sunshine, a pair of sunglasses is the missing link. But since retro glasses are more popular than ever, how about going with some square frames and two-tone lenses? Blocky, yes, heavy, no. The summer retro sunglasses are quickly becoming a staple accessory for all classes of men roaming the Meditterranean and other hot climates.

If you’re in the midst of packing for a hot holiday, take caution to the wind and make sure you have these items with you. Keep your holiday carefree with lightweight but sharp stylish fashion.

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