Easy DIY: Denim Patch Skirt Refashion

The month of May was really busy and I felt like it just flew on by. This was one of the best Mays and I wish it would've lasted a little longer. Some of my highlights were...

1. Getting my driver's license.
2. Celebrated my 25th birthday with a rose gold & sparkly party.
3. Spent a great week in the Bay Area with my hubby.

Since I was having so much fun, I let my sewing machine take a little break. But now, we're back at it! I decided to ease back into sewing with an easy DIY. I love patches because of how easy it is to customize something to your own liking. 
It would be a good idea to try creating custom patches online. You can add your preferred patterns and texts to this product. And you will be amazed by their beautiful embroidery work.
Here is how easy it was to refashion this denim skirt. 

Oh and... yes, I cut my hair! I felt I needed a change and I just went for it. I haven't had short hair in years, but so far I am loving it. :)


1. I laid out the patches how I wanted them on the skirt.
2. I ironed them on.
3. The part that took the longest was sewing on with my sewing machine.
(I used coordinating thread so the stitching wouldn't be noticeable)

New skirt!


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