April Style Diary

I'm back to uploading my monthly style diaries, because the little Style Diary section of my blog was getting lonely. And besides, what kind of a modest fashion blog doesn't feature modest outfits? Here are my favorite outfits from April. You can see how the weather progressed since I started off with a rainy outfit and ended the month with a floral spring dress. This month I also tried new things with my hair, since I always either have it wavy-ish or straight. When it comes to hairstyles, I never know what to do with my hair so I always keep it down. It's never too late to start trying new things, right? :)

This was my take on a "rainy day in spring" outfit. A floral sweater is a must for Spring days and I paired it with some boots. I think this is the last time I wore boots, which makes me a bit sad since I love boots, but I'm excited for warmer weather!

This is my random denim jacket that I decided to decorate with patches and pins that represent me and my personality. Let me tell you, it was the biggest pain ever sewing these patches by hand, especially the ones on the sleeve. I paired it with a soft tulle tunic and a denim skirt. I was going for "feminine + street style."

This was my outfit for my sister-in-law's unicorn birthday party. I wore my unicorn ruffle blouse that I sewed last year for my unicorn birthday. Unicorns pair well with sparkles, so I wore my sparkliest shoes.

This was my Easter outfit. I actually added the white lace to front of this blouse, since the v-neck was a little deep and wide. It paired well with my $2 dollar skirt from Charlotte Russe (I got it when the stores were closing!).

Last but not least, this is one of my favorite dresses. The pattern and the silhouette are just so sweet. 

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