How to Hem a Circle Skirt Using a Serger

modest crushed velvet circle skirt

Oh, circle skirts! They're so easy to make since they're essentially only one piece. The most dreaded part of a circle skirt is the hemming. The fabric slips, it's hard to pin a circular shape, and it's never-ending pinning because a circle piece is so large. The first time I hemmed a circle skirt, I used bias binding. The end result was very pretty and clean, but I don't always have coordinating bias binding available. 

There's a quick and easy way to hem a circle skirt using a serger.

 See the knob I circled in the photo below? That's the differential feed. 
I am using the Singer ProFinish serger. Check your serger's instruction manual to see where the differential feed is.
I always keep the differential feed on 1.0. When I'm hemming a circle skirt, I bring it up to almost 2.0. Depending on the fabric, I move it either 1-2 lines before 2.0. This "gathers" the circle piece, which makes it much easier to pin down and hem.

differential feed knob

I started with my circle piece and I serged all around it, with the new differential feed settings. For this particular tutorial, I moved the differential feed knob to the line right before 2.0.

circular piece of fabric

My circle piece was gathered enough for me to fold it down and pin. Easy peasy!

circular piece of fabric serged and pinned

After pinning, I easily hemmed it. 
This technique can be used for any circle skirt, dress, sleeves, etc. 

circular piece of fabric hemmed

how to hem a circle skirt

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