Strapless Cocktail Dress to Tulle Skirt Refashion

I am the biggest girly girl and I absolutely adore tulle skirts. My closet is full of them! I really loved the bottom of this strapless cocktail dress, so naturally it was going to become a skirt. This was actually so easy and I love my new tulle skirt!

black top with tulle skirt outfit

Since this dress originally did not have a zipper and was stretchy, I did not put a zipper in my new skirt. Instead, I used the waistband from the Sweetheart Dress circle skirt hack from Patterns for Pirates. And since I am still currently obsessed with velvet, I used crushed velvet in mushroom, from Mily Mae Fabrics.


1. I cut off the bodice from the dress.

photo of bodice cut off

2. I cut out my waistband according to the Patterns for Pirates chart. I used the measurements for the XS and I made my waistband a little wider. 
From what I've sewn, the patterns are pretty true to size, so I would suggest going by your regular size.

photo of new waistband cut out

3. I sewed the waistband closed, as shown by the pink dots. 
(Right sides together)

image of waistband sewn closed

4. Next, I turned my waistband right sides out, folded it, and divided it into 4 points.

image of waistband divided in 4 points

5. I gathered the tulle layer of the skirt to match the waistband, as shown.

tulle layer gathered to match waistband

6. I also gathered the lining layers to match the waistband.

lining layers gathered to fit waistband

Close up of gathering

gathered lining layer close up image

7. Using those four points I created in Step 4, I matched up the waistband to the skirt. 
(The back point matching the back seam of the skirt, the side seams matching the side points, and the front point matching the front of the skirt)

waistband pinned to skirt

I flipped it over and I had a new waistband!

new waistband attached to skirt

Now I have a new skirt to add to my collection! This is a great way to refashion your cocktail dresses that don't get a lot of wear, or simply don't wear anymore. I can definitely wear this skirt a lot more than I could wear it as a cocktail dress.

strapless cocktail dress to skirt refashion outfit

dress to skirt refashion looking down pose

dress to skirt refashion modest outfits

black lace top with tulle skirt outfit

tulle velvet skirt close up

dress to tulle skirt refashion modest outfit

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  1. I loved how you turned a dress to skirt! You are so good at this!


  2. Such a creative idea!! You are so talented to be able to do this!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous!!! You are so talented!!

  5. This is gorgeous! Wish I was that crafty!

  6. I really think you should have left the red or when you changed the waist band, used a bright color. The dress needs a pop of color. I wish I was talented and creative to do what you did with this dress.

  7. Someone is a designer incognito...the remake is better than the original. I love it! Want to see more of your handiwork.


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