Refashioned Combat Boots Using Floral Embroidered Patches

floral embroidered patch combat boots before and after image

This was the first time that I refashioned shoes! I would usually steer clear of shoes, because I felt refashioning them was too difficult. I can wrestle with multiple layers of tulle and slippery chiffon, but I was intimidated by shoes, hehe. I got these pink combat boots a couple of years ago, and while I still love them, I felt they needed a little revamp. 

embroidered combat boots back view

Lately, I've really been loving the the embroidered floral trend. I bought these patches back in December and used them to make this refashioned top. I had originally bought the patches to refashion these boots, but like I mentioned before, I was still intimidated by the thought of refashioning shoes. 

Here are some embroidered boots that I loved and used as inspiration for my own boots.


- Floral Embroidered Patches 
The ones I originally bought are sold out, but I found these similar ones.

- Leather & Suede Glue
Since my boots were made out of suede, I needed a glue that would work for that.
I bought this one here

- Small Brush
I used an old one that I had in my craft box. Any small-ish brush will work. :)

photo of supplies needed for refashioned combat boots


1. I covered the back of the patch with the leather and suede glue, using my brush.

fabric and suede glue being applied to back of patch

2. *Not pictured* (Sorry, no photo of this step, because I was using both of my hands to hold the patch!)
I carefully grabbed the patch and placed it on my boot. I pressed down for a bit.

3. After placing the patch on my boot, I went and filled in the little corners that didn't get fully glued down. 
(As show by the circle)

fabric and suede glue on corner of patch

That's it! Yes, it's that easy! To be honest, the hardest part was Step 2, which was placing the patch on the boot. 

Using patches and glue, the possibilities are endless. You can refashion shoes, backpacks, jackets, you name it! 

blush cardigan boyfriend jean combat boot outfit

embroidered combat boots side view

blush cardigan boyfriend jean combat boot outfit

embroidered combat boots close up side view

embroidered combat boots back view

blush cardigan distressed denim sunglasses close upembroidered combat boots side view

With Sew Much Love, Mary blog signature


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