2017 Scrap Busting Craft Challenge: August "DIY Keychain Using Old Jewelry"

mint purse diy keychain pink tulle girly modest fashion

It's the end of August, which means fall is near! Haha, just kidding. In California it's definitely not fall yet. It is going to be a mere 109 degrees today. Not bad right? LOL. Anyway, for this month's craft challenge I decided to use old jewelry. I've been seeing cute little keychains everywhere and I decided to make my own. This is a super easy, yet cute craft. So let's "refashion" some old jewelry into new and improved keychains. :)

modest feminine fashion mint purse tulle skirt pink ruffles


1. I gathered all the ribbons and trims that I wanted to use. 
(P.S. I ended up not using the daisy trim. Definitely using it next time!)

lace trim pastel ribbons

2. I chose which ribbons I wanted and I laid them out as shown.

3. Then, I folded the ribbons in half and put them though the loop of the keychain.

4. I added some little lace trim pieces to the side and I tied them off really tightly with a thin piece of ribbon.

5. Next, I went to my stash and I picked out an old necklace. 

6. With some pliers, I opened up two loops (circled in pink) and separated off the part of the necklace that I wanted to use.

7. Lastly, I folded the necklace in half and put it in the loop of the keychain (circled in pink). I closed off the keychain loop with pliers.

mint purse diy keychain tulle modest fashion

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mint tulle diy keychain purse pink

mint purse diy keychain modest fashion

modest fashion mint purse tulle skirt pink

mint purse diy keychain tulle skirt modest fashion

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