5 Fashionable Ways to Modestly Wear a Crop Top + My Favorite Crop Tops This Season

With summer right around the corner, crop tops are making their way in again. I've got to hand it to the crop tops though, because some of them are really cute. I even have some hanging in my closet. You might think "but you blog about modesty, so why do you own crop tops?" Let me tell ya, while I love some crop tops out there, I don't wear them on their own. So, I've compiled a list of 5 fashionable ways to modestly wear a crop top and some inspiration photos so you can rock your favorite crop tops, modestly of course. :)

1. Layering Over a Dress

Grab your favorite dress and pair a crop top with it to create a new look.

2. Layering Over a Blouse

This is a great look, especially for fall. Layer a crop sweater/top over a button up blouse or a classic chambray for an easy and chic look. 

Source: Sydne Style

Source: Pure Wow

3. High Waisted Skirts

Usually crop tops end where a high waisted skirt begins, so they're a perfect match.

Source: Modest Goddess

4. High Waisted Denim

We got high waisted skirts, why not high waisted denim? This is a very comfortable and casual look. I like to tie a flannel around my waist for extra coverage.

5. Underneath A Sleeveless Dress or Top

Similar to the first option, except this time your crop top will sit underneath your favorite dress. Think of it as a layering tee. There are many cute lace and printed crop tops out there and it's the perfect way to instantly "add" sleeves to your favorite sleeveless dresses.

Source: Sincerely Jules

Source: Steffy's Pros and Cons

My Favorite Crop Tops This Season

From Left to Right First Row:  Topshop // Topshop // J.O.A. // Ted Baker London
From Left to Right Bottom Row:  Ella Moss // Topshop // Rip Curl // Missguided

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