23 Years, 23 Birthdays

I wanted to write this post so I could have a place where all my birthday photos could be recorded since I have photos scattered everywhere. Kids born nowadays have thousands of photos that can be easily organized and found since everything is on some sort of iCloud or computer. I hadn't fully realized how many less photos were taken 20, or even 10 years ago. Now, we feel the need to take at least one photo a day. (At least I do lol!) It would've been a lot easier to find all these photos if my parents had a smartphone back in the day. :)

It was really fun to look back on all these past memories. There were some things I didn't even remember until I saw some of these photos. I couldn't find a photo for ever single birthday, but I found most of them. :)



I was born! Hehe. :) 
Here I am pictured with my grandparents on my first day of life. 
Fun Fact: My parents thought I was a boy and my name was going to be Alexander. :P

1 Year Old

Well, I guess I've never been afraid of clowns, since I didn't mind being one for my first birthday ever. :)

2 Years Old

I spent my second birthday at good old Chuck E Cheese's. Look how dated this photo looks lol. (The old brown Nordstrom bag and my mom's huge camcorder)

3 Years Old

I spent this birthday in Mexico! From what I've been told I had a very cool and big birthday party that was like "carnival teddy bear" themed. In this picture my parents and I were at church. I was told that I fell asleep the whole time there haha. :)

4 Years Old

I had a Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party. I don't remember much else from this year haha. :)

5 Years Old

I celebrated my birthday in my kindergarten class. I mean it's not like there was much to do in class anyway since it was almost the last day of school and did I mention it was kindergarten LOL. :D My teacher always put this birthday cake hat on someone whenever it was their birthday.

7 Years Old

My parents surprised me with a little pool and it was the coolest thing ever to little 7-year-old me. BTW, I never noticed what a nice backdrop my parents had in the backyard. It's a shame I didn't have internet or a camera back then hehe. :)

8 Years Old

Winnie the Pooh theme again for the win! (I mean I'm 23 and I'm STILL obsessed with Winnie the Pooh haha!)

9 Years Old

This year was Shrek-themed hehe. My aunt spray dyed my hair green to match.
Oh, and I was so excited when I opened this present and it was a Bratz Catz. I really wanted one haha. :)

14 Years Old

This was the same week I graduated middle school. I had a little party with my friends at the park. Don't ask about my outfit...I was going through a "phase" LOL... :P

15 Years Old

I had a small "quinceañera" at a friend's house. There used to be a Betsey Johnson store at a mall that I liked to go and I always went in there to see all the pretty dresses. Finally one day my parents told me to pick one for my 15th birthday. I was SO happy haha!

16 Years Old

This year I was going to have a big sweet sixteen with a poofy dress and all, but I ended up just having a cake all to myself. I just literally just woken up in this photo haha. :)

17 Years Old

When I turned 17, I had a birthday party at my new house, (okay, my parent's house haha), with my friends. I got a piercing that year and I ALWAYS wore my "I love boobies" bracelet. (Remember those?)

18 Years Old

I graduated high school! My birthday fell on the same day as graduation, so that's how I spent it haha. :)

19 Years Old

This year I was planning on doing nothing, but I was surprised by my then-friend (now-husband) singing happy birthday to me while I was still in bed haha. :D Afterwards, I had a mini party in the backyard with some friends.

20 Years Old

Remember my "then-friend" that surprised me the year before? Well this year he turned into my then-fiance lol. :) Since he was attending UCLA, I spent my 20th birthday in Los Angeles with my parents and my then-fiance.

21 Years Old

I really wanted a waterslide party this year, so my parents and husband rented one out for me. 

22 Years Old

I spent my birthday weekend at Six Flags Magic Mountain. :)

23 Years Old

Today, I turned 23! 
It's not a milestone age and I still feel really young (as if I were still 16 lol). This birthday I spent it at Dave & Buster's with my parents, husband, and two close friends. 

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