2017 Scrap Busting Craft Challenge: May "Easy T-Shirt Refashion Using Lace"

It's Craft Challenge time once again! This month my material of choice was... lace! I just adore lace so much. It's such an easy way to add a cute feminine touch to anything. I have tons of yards of this black lace, so I decided to do a simple yet cute refashion with it. You can use this refashion on any t-shirt that's hanging around in your closet.

As I was looking through my closet for something to refashion, I came across this tee. I only wore it once with some leggings (since it's long) and a hoodie. I didn't really like how it fit, since it was too long for my liking and the neckline was too high. So then came the Craft Challenge to the rescue, and now I have a cute summer tee. :)


1. I chopped off a good amount of length off. 

2. I chopped the neckline off too.

3. I measured and marked halfway points on the back of the tee.

4. Then, I cut away!

5. I measured how long the cut was.

6. Then, using that measurement, I cut out two lace pieces.

7. I folded over the lace on the raw edge, pinned and sewed.

8. As a finishing touch, I added some cute daisy trim to the back.


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