Style Diary... That I Haven't Worn Yet :)

I decided it was time to change my photos in the "About Me" page, so I grabbed an outfit and snapped some photos. I ended up really liking this outfit, so I will definitely be wearing it in the nearby future (when it's not 90 degrees outside!). I got this dress from Nordstrom with a birthday gift card. I love it so much because it is super soft and it has POCKETS! Seriously though, what is it with us ladies and pocketed skirts/dresses? :)

So lately, I've been trying new photo shooting and editing techniques, so please bare with me as I keep trying new things. I'm trying to find my "look" per say. I'm not a photographer, nor do I have any previous knowledge, so learning photography has been a bit of a challenge. But I think I've improved since I first started this blog right? Haha, practice makes perfect. :)


Dress: Nordstrom, BP section
Jacket: Thrifted
Booties: TOMS, Nordstrom

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