"Birthday Girl, The Big 22" // Style Diary

Yay, I'm 22!  
Okay, well maybe not yet. (On the 31st to be exact)
But today I am celebrating my "birthday" at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was my first time attending the Apostolic Jubilee and I loved it! I would see flyers for it every year, but it never really caught my attention. It's great because there's a Christian concert at the end. What better way to spend your birthday than praising God for another year? :) PLUS, it's a few dollars cheaper than buying a regular ticket, because you get rides AND the concert for your ticket. 

I wore my shirt from Birthday Girl World, and I just love it! It's so comfortable and fresh, perfect for a day at the theme park. :) 


Lollipop Necklace: Dylan's Candy Bar
Capris: Miss Me brand, found at Yerdle!
Shoes: Converse, eBay


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