National Day of Prayer 2016


Happy National Day of Prayer! 
Well in the life of a Christian, that's practically everyday. This verse tells us to be joyful and to never stop praying. When we pray we're communicating with God, and since our joy comes from the Lord, we will always remain joyful if we remain prayerful! 


  1. Hi Mary! I feel like I've been gradually becoming more prayerful, especially on my long car rides to work. I still feel regretful sometimes that I don't pray more. Are there any strategies that you have discovered that help you stay in communication with the Lord?

  2. Hi Elsie! :) Ah, the long car rides bring back memories for me. When I went to college, I used to commute two hours, so I would pray during that time. I used to tell myself that I didn't have enough to time to pray, when in fact we always do. I would catch myself going on Instagram or Facebook, so I thought to myself, "wow I do have time, if I stop wasting it so much on social media." I still do use social media (how I found you and your blog!) but I limit myself and pray instead. :)


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