Cutie Ruffle Sweater Top // Sweater Refashion

I'm back! I've been making some changes here and there, and I hadn't been able to blog much. I recently relaunched my online boutique, BeeBee Boutique (search @beebeebtq on Instagram), organized my entire sewing/office space, and made some blog changes. I am very excited for all this change. Change is usually not my friend, but this time I'm embracing it! :)

So here is my refashion for today! It is very sweet, dainty, and whimsical. I used a sweater with one sleeve. (yes one sleeve! LOL, I used the other sleeve for a project back at FIDM) I just love how it turned out!

1. I chopped off the sleeve.
2. I made new sleeves out of the old one. I left a little extra white fabric on the side for seam allowance.
3. I pinned in the sleeve to the armhole.
4. TA DA! New sleeve. :)

1. I used the pink sleeve to make two cuffs.
2. My cuff piece was about 4".
3. I folded the cuff piece in half.
4. That cuff piece was pinned to the sleeve, raw edges together.
5. TA DA! Cuffs. :)

1. I cut the side pieces as shown.
2. The top part was gathered.
3. I sewed on the piece to the sweater.
4. The piece sewed on the sweater. :)
5. Since the selvedge (white part) was showing on the pink fabric piece, I decided to add some cute little trim.
6. Much better. :)
7-9. To tie everything all together, I added a cute little ruffle piece to the front of the sweater. :)

(teehee, don't pay attention to the fact that the backdrop is the same fabric as the side ruffles. :) )

This design is for sale here

See the white fabric I used for the long sleeves? It has a light chevron pattern, so lovely!

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