"Holiday Cocktail Party" // Crop Top to Dress Refashion

It's the start of the holiday season! (Ha! Who are we kidding, some of us started holiday festivities even before Thanksgiving, right?) I absolutely fell in love with this dress, and it just screams "holiday party!" The top part of the dress came from a crop top I got off  Yerdle (brand new!), and the bottom  part of the dress is a beautiful Bengaline fabric. My favorite part of the dress is the bow on the back. What's yours? You be the judge. :)

I made  this tutorial on how to make a circle skirt. 

Then, I attached the top to the skirt. Afterwards, I sewed on elastic. 

You can check out the  Ballet Beauty dress to see another example of how to attach a shirt to a skirt, to make a dress! :)

Lastly, I finished the seams on the circle skirt with hem tape.  Here are three ways to finish the seams on a circle skirt/dress/etc. 

Close up detail

Bow back detail

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