"Nature Stroll" Draped Top Tutorial

I used this tutorial to make the  Nature Stroll Top. :)

This is a spin off from the "circle skirt" and looks great because it just drapes so lovely.
It's quite easy to make, just alter the circle skirt tutorial a bit.
I drew out this tutorial, but you can also read  How to Make a Sweater with an Irregular Circle Hem.
Read on more down below.

1. Fold your fabric over to the LEFT once. Don't fold all the way to the edge of the fabric.
2. Fold your fabric DOWN to the desired length.
3. Your fabric should be folded once to the LEFT and once DOWN. After, pin a "circular" line from corner to corner. (The pink thin dotted line)
4. For the mint thick dotted line, you'll need a teeny bit of math. 

I drew up this shirt to make it easier to explain. Measure the pink dotted line on the shirt (don't measure all around the shirt) and just divide by 2. That is how much you will cut out in Step 4.

Afterwards, just pin the draped circle piece to your shirt piece and sew! :)

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