My Life as of Lately...

My sewing machine has been collecting dust this week. :( 
I am in the process of moving, and it's such a pain. I had no A/C at my previous place, so it was an even bigger pain. I'm glad to be out though! I am trying to sew ASAP, but we'll see. Another thing going on in my life right now is my business. I want to sell refashioned clothing that I make, AND sell some outfits that are featured in my "Style Diary" posts. 

So to relax for a bit, I went shopping and spent some time at a local cafe, LaMo. Tasty pastries & sweet drinks equals perfection. Take a look for yourselves. :)

Pomegranate green tea...

& a latte. :)

Boysenberry cheesecake tart + cinnamon roll croissant muffin. :D

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