"Floral Bohemian" Refashion

I got this pretty handmade top from a dear sister to refashion!
I was so excited since I love handmade and floral things.

I recently added a tutorial page to my blog, since I use many techniques for more than one refashion.
I will link the tutorials I use, when required to do so. 
So anyways on to the refashion... :)

1. I chopped off the sleeves! Then I added on sleeves. I made bell sleeves with a lace panel in between, but I used this tutorial, to make the top part of the sleeve. Then I used this tutorial to make the lace panel in between.

2. Afterwards, I made the bottom part of the sleeve, as shown.

3.  I sewed the edge, right sides of the fabric together.

4. This is how I placed it with the lace to sew. The fabrics were right sides together.

5. I folded over the pink fabric and the lace. Then I pinned and sewed a zig zag stitch. Exactly how I sewed on the lace panel, as seen in the lace panel tutorial

6. I cut the neckline lower, and finished it off with binding.


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