"Casual Sunday + A Small Reminder"

It's Sunday again?
Wow, times flies when you're having fun. :)
Anyways, I opted for a really casual Sunday today. I see a fashion show every Sunday, since most people really love to dress up. Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up too & dressing up for God. Sunday's best right?

Today's casual outfit was a small reminder that if we can dress up, we are blessed. Not everyone has 50 skirts in their closet + an additional 50 pairs of heels. (Geez, even I don't LOL). I know some people who don't even have dress clothes. I remember a Yerdle fund set up for people who didn't have dressy/business clothes for interviews, so that tells ya something. Even you reading this right now might not have "church clothes" in your closet right now. But let this be a reminder that the clothes don't make the Christian, and the real "church clothing" is mentioned in Galatians 3:27.


Top: Vinted App
Skirt: Ross 
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Baby G, Nordstrom


Peace out & ...

Have fun :)

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