"Bohemian Fall" // Quick Refashion

Hello again!
So today's is a quick refashion, but it made all the difference.
You see the awkward elastic in the before photo?
I don't know, I just wasn't feeling nor having it LOL.

1. I grabbed my seam ripped and took off the elastic.

A closer look...

2. The edge of the shirt was already finished, so I just measured the bottom to cut out my lace.

3. Since I didn't have enough lace to cut out one big panel, I cut two. Just divided the measurement from step 2, plus seam allowance.

4. I sewed both pieces together.

5. I sewed all around and overlapped the two lace pieces.

You can barely see it, but they're overlapping. 

6. This is how the inside of the shirt looks. Clean, cut, and finished edges. :D
I sewed it on how I would sew a lace panel.

TA DA!! 

This top will fit right in for the fall season as well :)

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