Psalm 119:2

PSALM 119:2 

How wonderful is this? 
The ones who keep God's Word are called blessed.
The ones who seek God with all their heart are called blessed. 
Does it mention it's one or the other?
Why would we obey God if we didn't love Him? It's impossible!
Even though sometimes we may reluctantly obey Him, or even disobey Him, He still forgives.
Just like you sometimes disobey your parents, they don't kick you out the the house. 
They still love you.
God still loves you. Everyday. Every hour. Every minute. Every second.

If we seek Him with all our hearts, we must really love Him, and really need Him. Otherwise, why else would we go through all that effort? Isn't it easier to do something for someone you love, rather than someone you dislike? 


We can seek God with all our hearts by dwelling in His Word, by praying, by fasting, by just letting Jesus live through us!

We can obey His Word by loving and appreciating God in every way possible, every day, and always.


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