"Out for Brunch" Top Refashion // Peplum Top out of a Skirt & Shirt

Finally a sewing project! & also new news! I will now be selling some of my refashions & sewing projects in my instagram boutique over at @beebeebtq. 

So anyways, I have been able to settle down and sew something up. I've had this skirt for a few years now but haven't worn it in 3 years! I saw a Free People top that looked similar to this, (I didn't save the image :( ), and I immediately thought of this skirt. I bought this henley top for this refashion & began to work.

1. I measured how much I wanted to add to the shirt. I wanted it a peplum that began at the waist, so I estimated where the waist would be on the shirt & then decided where I wanted the final shirt to end. 

*I wanted to add 9", but cut at 10" for seam allowance.*

2. Then, I marked where the waist on the shirt was, and then measured about an inch down from there to account for seam allowance.

3.  I cut on this second line.

4. The skirt had lining, so I pushed it out of the way. (Yes, I will be using the remaining part of the skirt for another project...stay tuned!) Then, I cut at the line I had made on step 1.

5. This is a general overview of what had happened so far. I made a zig zag and gathering stitch at the top of the skirt part. I gathered it until it matched the waist measurement.

6. This is how it was sewed. The wrong side of the skirt up, so both right sides are touching.

Ta Da! 

PS this top is going up for sale at @beebeebtq, be on the lookout! 

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