Valentine's Day Refashion #3

For this refashion I went with something more traditonal for Valentine's Day: Red, hearts, and obviously, the word Love. I've had this shirt for the longest time and I stopped wearing it long ago. When I was looking for a new refashion I though this would be the perfect time for this. 

As for the meaning of this shirt, I'll leave that one up to you. ;)

My meaning? God is Love, & He makes me joyful. :)

Now on to the refashion, first off, I cut up the sides of the shirt.

I also cut off the sleeves since I wanted to make new ones.

Afterwards, I cut 2 triangles to add to each side. 
Note: these are folded in half in the photo. 
As for exact measurements, that's up to you. It depends how you want your shirt to fit. I will add the measurement of the triangles upon request.

Then I sewed on these triangles onto each side. (Right sides together)
Note: this is how it looked inside out. 

How it looks like when it's done.

Since I had cut off the sleeves, I made new ones out of the old ones. If you're doing this, just remember to add about 1/4" - 1/2" all around for seam allowance. I like 1/2" to leave room for any possible mistakes. Also, add about 1" to the bottom of the sleeve for a hem.

Then I just sewed on the sleeve as shown.

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  1. Hi Mary!
    Another great refashion!
    Love this!
    Kisses from Portugal!


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