Valentine's Day Refashion #1

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I decided to come up with some Valentine's Day inspired refashion projects. Here's my first one!

It all started with this little mini dress:

First I cut the dress in 1/2 underneath the bust area.

Then I cut out 2 rectangles. (One slightly longer than the other).
They were about 40" x 10" (Front) and 40" x 13" (Back).
Then I ran a gathering stitch across the top to fit the top.

Then I sewed the front & back pieces seperately to the shirt. 
(Right sides of the fabrics together!)

P.S. Leave about 1/2" unsewed out of the front & back pieces (both sides).
This is going to be used to close the pink piece!

Next I hemmed it like this:

The last step was to make the ribbon tie off for the back of the shirt.
I turned the tie offs inside out with a small safety pin because...I don't know how to use a loop turner!!! :( 

I sewed the ribbon tie off where the pins are shown.


1 comment :

  1. Hi Mary!
    I like this refashion, but I would wear it with black leggins!
    kisses from Portugal!


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