Cozy Onesie Doggie Pajamas

My first sewing project for 2015 was for our furry four-legged besties! 
I sewed these cute little footsie pajamas for my own bestie, Kippy, since it's been really cold at my house lately. I made the pattern based off a blue pair of pajamas I got him last year. 

(My little helper)

I made these with some fabric from Joann Fabrics' discount stash. 

These are all the pieces that make up these tiny little pajamas!

First the upper body is sewn to the bottom body by the shoulders. 

Then sew the sides as pictured below.

Then flip it inside out and it should look like this:

Next, you're going to sew the sleeves on. The wider part of the sleeve goes sewn onto the armholes as pictured below.

After the sleeves are sewn on, you need to attach the cuffs. You can sewn them on before too. The legs you HAVE to sew the cuffs on them first though! (keep reading, you'll see).

Follow this tutorial HERE to see how to see on cuffs.

Next, sew the legs closed and attach the cuffs. Then sew both legs onto the body of the onesie.

Your onesie should now look like this!

Next you're going to sew on the binding to the neck and the lower part of the onesie.

Follow this tutorial HERE to see how to make and sew your own binding.


P.S. Did it all seem like too much work for ya? I can make one for your furry little friend for only $12. Contact me for more details. :) 

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