2014 Wrapped Up with a Wedding!

I've been ever so absent on my poor little blog. I mean my last post was literally months ago! :O The end of 2014 was hectic and crazy but super amazing and awesome at the same time. I graduated FIDM with my Merchandise Product Development degree mid December, and I got married 2 days after Christmas! With this new year sweeping in, I have big and exciting plans for my blog! (Stay tuned) I don't plan on leaving this long again. I want to dedicate a lot more time into this. I just wanted to share some of my DIY wedding ideas on here, since this is a creative place. :) 

Let me tell ya, a wedding doesn't have to be super expensive, but everything starts to add up. It was at my house, so that saved us a lot of money.

 Thank you notes!
(Designed on Photoshop by me)

(Designed on Photoshop by me)

Guest Book!
(Designed on Photoshop by me)

Mr. & Mrs.!
(Designed by me on Photoshop, glued to sturdier paper)

Le Menu!
(Designed by me on Photoshop & catered by my dad)

Customized Drinks! 
(Designed by me on Photoshop)

Details here & there!
(Chalkboard gives it a personal touch, wall of mismatch in frames, & hand drawn details)

Cake Time! 
(Cake topped designed by me on photoshop)

Fresh Flowers!
(Highly recommend Costco for fresh flowers. These babies lasted over 3 weeks!
Me and my mom took apart the ready made bouquets into separate smaller ones)

Accessories! (Yes we wore Converse!)

Bouquet made by my mom and I. We took the ready made bouquet apart and made a smaller one with just the pink, purple, and white roses. Wrapped with pink ribbon & hot glued a decoration on front. 

Can't forget my 4 legged best friend!

One happy couple!

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