"City Gypsy" Dress to Skirt Refashion

When I first finished this skirt I was having trouble matching this skirt, but now I have several pieces to match in mind.

Anyways, this was just one really long maxi dress. Take a look at the pictures below: 

Step 1: I used a matching piece of fabric for the top. I wanted to leave the print on the bottom since it was already hemmed! 

Step 2: I sewed and trimmed the side of the top piece to close it up. 

Step 3: It was time to connect the top piece and the bottom piece! 

Step 4: Next, elastic was put in. First I measured the width of my waistband. Pin around a piece of the elastic to get your ideal width. If it's too wide, the fabric will bunch up. If it's too thin, the elastic will bend and twist. 

Once I sewed all around, I used a safety pin to insert the elastic all around the waistband.

It will look like this once you're done!

Step 5: Now onto the sewing machine to sew the elastic shut.

Something like this...It was late. I could've sewn it better LOL.

Afterwards, I just closed up the remaining part of the waistband and I was done! 

1 comment :

  1. Hi Mary!
    I like a lot what you have done to the dress...
    The skirt is great! I have a similar dress and you have inspired me!
    kisses from Portugal!


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