"Playful Eeyore" Dress Refashion

Wow, can't believe it's been over a month since I posted anything. I've been both busy and lazy. I have actually sewn a lot of things during my absence, just haven't posted them here. I will edit and catch up on things. 

But anyways, I saw a dress, similar to the shirt I used in this refashion, on a Spanish soap opera and I really liked. I remembered I had a shirt similar to it and I instantly wanted to make a  dress out of it. I have tons of that "jegging" fabric and it matched perfectly with the shirt so I was off to make it. 

This is the shirt I used... 
(Excuse the chalk marks. I was trying to figure out where I wanted to cut it.)

1. I first measured how much I was going to cut off the shirt. (I wanted it to sit at my waist.)

2. Next, I had to make my skirt. I decided to make a circle skirt. I used a circle skirt I already had to make this one. The arrow is where the fabric is folded. (If your fabric isn't wide enough, you can cut out the skirt twice and sew both sides together, I just think it's easier this way.)

3. Next, I sewed down the side of the skirt. 

4. Okay, so this fabric was a little bit sheer so I made a lining for it out of very lightweight jersey. Once again, the arrow is where I folded the fabric. IMPORTANT: Make the lining SHORTER than the skirt. You don't want it sticking out!

5. Then, I sewed the lining to the fabric as shown. 

6. Now it was time to sew the complete skirt to the shirt! 

7.  So afterwards, I had to take in a bit from the sides of the shirt because it fit me sort of loose from the beginning. I should've taken in the shirt to fit me before but no biggie! 

Finished product...

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