New Camera! (Canon Rebel T3)

My lack of blog posts lately was because of my new camera and back to school already. Summer vacation felt so short! Well, it was short actually. Thanks FIDM for a 3 week summer break. :P Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the photos I have been taking with my new camera, a Canon Rebel T3. I was furiously searching for one for a while now. One that was good for beginners and that fell within a reasonable price range. Thanks to Amazon, I got this amazing kit here. It included everything you need to get started. Tripod, bag, extra battery, you name it. And for an amazing price. I wrote this post to help out anyone out there looking for a camera, like I was. Overall, I really like this camera and was very well worth the money.   Enough talking, here are some pictures taken with this camera. NO EDITING WHATSOEVER has been done to these pictures!!

(My broken phone case on the right...why do those things break so easily? :/)

(At this point, he was just totally fed up with me and the camera lol poor thing!)

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