"Everyday Princess" Skirt Refashion

Another thrift store refashion! Can you tell I love thrift stores yet? 

So I got this dress for $4. I immediately fell in love with the fabric and knew that dress was destined to be a super pretty skirt. 

This is how it started off as. 

Some cute little flowers that I decided to keep on the skirt.

So this refashion was pretty simple! I just cut off the top part of the dress. You can choose where you wish to cut. :)

I sewed the fabric for the waistband down, and left an opening for the waistband.  Click here, (start at Step 4), to see how to insert elastic into a new waistband.

Back already? :)

Next,  I sewed a line on the sides (stitch in the ditch) of the new skirt to keep the elastic from flipping. I learned this technique from a variety of different sources online, so that's why I didn't link to just one source. Google "how to keep elastic from twisting" and you'll find lot's of information. :) 

Finished product...

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  1. Hi Mary!
    I am IN LOVE with this skirt... :D
    kisses from Portugal!


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