Circle Dress Tutorial

I used this tutorial to make this  dress here. :)

This is a very simplified circle dress tutorial. I love circle dresses, you can spin around in them and automatically feel like a princess! Same goes with circle skirts. :) I actually took photos, but somehow they got deleted from my SD card (wahhh), but thanks to my friend "Illustrator CC" I drew this handy tutorial. 


1. Start with your fabric laid out flat on the floor, table, etc.
2. Fold your fabric DOWN to desired lengths. (The dotted line is where the fabric is folded)
3. Fold your fabric to the LEFT all the way. (The dotted line is where the fabric is folded)
4. At this point your fabric should be folded in four layers. See the 3 arrows? This is where you will make sure they all measure the same. The distance to the pink dotted line should all be the same. The pink dotted line is where I pin through all 4 layers.
5. See the asterik next to the pink dotted line? You'll need a little math here.

A / 2 = B

A: desired waist measurement (ACROSS only)
B: the small pink dotted line, your waist on your new skirt

I want my waist measurement to be 14" ACROSS 
(If you're not quite understanding what I mean, simply take your favorite shirt or dress, and measure the waist across, with the garment laying flat on your bed or floor.) 

So using the formula above, this is how my example will look like:

14 / 2 = 7

P.S. If you measured your own waist, and not from a garment, just divide that number by 4. (Example: If your waist measures 28" all around, divide that by 4 to get 7)

You now have your circle piece! Click  here to see how to attach your top piece of the dress to this circle piece. :)

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