Crushed Velvet-y Goodness

This was my first time taking photos in the rain. I actually didn't plan nor want to take photos while it was raining. My husband was the one who said it was a good idea and that the pictures would turn out nice. I got a lot of stares from people who drove by and my hair got ruined (I had curled it, ha!), but it was a fun experience. Would I do it again? Probably with a hat or a bun, haha!

Now, on to the actual post! :)
This season is all about velvet, especially my favorite: crushed velvet. This awesome crushed velvet can be found at Mily Mae Fabric Shop. She has so many other lovely colors available, talk about some serious #hearteyes and #swoon. It is absolutely stunning and more specifically, it is crushed velvet-y goodness.

I made two circle skirts, one in the "mushroom crush" color and another in "rose crush." I used the Sweetheart Dress pattern, just the bottom part. Here is a link to the "circle skirt hack." 

Outfit #1

Top, Choker, & Booties: Rue 21
Skirt: me-made

Outfit #2

Top, Choker, & Booties: Rue 21
Skirt: me-made

Outfit #3

This was actually my Thanksgiving outfit. I took pictures that same day, but with all the festivities, I didn't get a chance to post them until now. I made this floral top using the Sweetheart Dress pattern, only the top part. I lengthened it a bit and drafted out the ruffles. The fabric is from Knitpop and it is a dreamy soft double brushed poly. 

Top & Skirt: me-made
Jewelry & Booties: Rue 21


Fall 2017 Capsule Collection

Today I'm introducing my Fall 2017 Capsule Collection! I talked about it on Instagram since last month, and I finally got around to posting it on the blog. This time of the year always seems to get super busy, and personally for me, time seems to slip away faster during these last months of the year. 

Anyway, you may have noticed a new header on the blog (yay!), and even though it's not the final one, my blog is slowly starting to come together. I posted about my blog "refash" here. I'm working hard everyday that I can to get my blog "refash" done by the end of the year. :)

Now...on to the capsule collection!



My first item of my Fall Capsule Collection is a closet staple piece. I chose a This pattern is the Sweetheart Dress from Patterns for Pirates. I love it, because I love circle dresses and skirts. To make it, I used a grey jersey that I had in my fabric stash from my days at FIDM. I found a similar fabric here from Girl Charlee. This dress is now a closet favorite, because it pairs well with anything.



Unicorns! While unicorns might be trending now, I've always liked them. So much that, my 15th birthday was unicorn themed, hehe. When I saw this lovely french terry from So Sew English Fabrics, I quickly snatched it up. I'm glad I did, because this color sold out!
I made a peplum top using the Sweetheart Dress pattern from Patterns for Pirates. Since I didn't have enough fabric for a full circle for the peplum, I just gathered up a rectangle.


For my skirt, I used the Pirate Pencil Skirt from Patterns for Pirates. It is a free pattern, if you're a member of their Facebook group! I highly recommend joining. It is one of my favorite sewing groups! I altered the pattern a little bit by removing a bit of space from the hips (I'm not curvy AT ALL lol), and I made it a little straighter from the hip down, because: 1. I didn't want it to be skin tight and 2. because of course, I'm not curvy LOL. The fabric is Grey Distressed from Mily Mae Fabrics. There are more colors available, and they're all so lovely! I'm like *swoon* and all the heart eyes!



I had some more Grey Distressed fabric, so I made some leggings. I love some good distressed denim, so it was obvious that I should make some distressed leggings. This is the Peg Legs pattern from Patterns for Pirates. (It is a free pattern!) They are so comfortable, and the holes aren't see through (a plus for modesty).


A fall capsule would not be complete without... a cozy cardigan! I got this Brushed Sweater Knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. It's so soft and comfortable. The pattern is the Cocoon Cardigan from Patterns for Pirates. There are various styles you can make with this pattern. I did tunic length, short bands, and patch pockets. I love how it goes great with anything in my closet, it's warm, and obviously very cozy.



To complete my fall capsule, I made another pair of leggings, since the Peg Legs pattern is a super quick and easy sew. I used my lovely unicorn french terry to make them. 

Oh, and if you're wondering (or not, hehe, but I'll tell you anyways) I didn't make my striped "tunic." I call it a "tunic," but it's actually a short dress that I like to knot on the side, lol. 

Well that concludes my Fall 2017 Capsule Collection. It was super fun making it. I think I'll come up with different capsule collections from now on. :)


Blog "Refash"

I have some news! I haven't posted much on my blog lately. I feel like I have abandoned it for a bit. But, I promise you I haven't! If anything, I've been doing the opposite. I've been busy working on a blog "refash." 
"re·fash": short for "refashion." I'm trying to be cool and creative here by saying "refash" instead of revamp or renovate. 
See, I'm busy at work:

Busy at work, on my blog "refash." Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't have spent so much time taking these pictures... *insert thinking emoji here*

Anyway, I've been busy "refashioning" my blog. :)

When I first started Sew Much Love, Mary, I didn't know where I was going with my blog, nor did I know what I wanted to do with it. I didn't have a plan nor any real goals. I kind of just went with it. When I began my journey with this blog in 2014 I was still attending FIDM, so that took up a big chunk of my time. In the little free time that I had, I began to sew up refashions. After graduating from FIDM, I blogged about my refashions and I also incorporated modest style posts in my blog. I still didn't really have a clear goal nor plan. I was still learning and growing in what I loved to do.


Fast forward to 2017 (almost 2018!), and now I know which direction I want to go with my blog. I have clear plans and goals now. My love for refashioning, sewing, and modest fashion has grown. I strongly felt like my blog needed a "refash" to reflect the direction and purpose of Sew Much Love, Mary. I didn't want to do like a huge reveal, instead, I'm "refashioning" my blog little by little. During this month, you will begin to see some changes around here. 

 Oh! And I want to thank everyone who has been with me since the very beginning and those who just found my little creative corner on the internet. I sincerely hope you all stick around! :)


Craft Challenge: October 2017 "Distressed Denim Jacket"

It's time for October's Craft Challenge! For this month, I decided to use a denim jacket. I loved this jacket and I didn't want to part with it. The problem was that it got a tad bit too small, the sleeves were too tight, and I wanted to make it trendier. At first, I really didn't know what to do with it. I started by cutting off those sleeves, because I really wanted to get rid of them. As I sat there in my sewing room, staring into space, and thinking about what to do with the jacket; I glanced over at my fabric stash and saw some distressed denim from Mily Mae Fabrics

It was love at first sight between this denim jacket and the distressed denim fabric. <3

The distressed denim is LOVE. Even though the fabric is "distressed," the holes are patched up underneath, on the other side of the fabric, so there is complete coverage. 


1. I chopped off those sleeves!

2. While I was contemplating what to do with this denim jacket, I decided to add a hood. I used this  tutorial to make a hood. It is actually really easy! When tracing your hood, be sure that the bottom part of it matches the measurement of the neckline (the pink dots) you are attaching it to. I traced my hood from one of my favorite hoodies. 
Afterwards, I pinned and sewed my hood on the inside of my denim jacket, along the pink dots.

3. Next it was on to the sleeves! I traced out new sleeves from the old ones. I added 1/2" seam allowance on the curved part of the sleeve and I added about an inch or two where the pink dots are shown. I did this, so my new sleeves wouldn't be as tight as the old ones. It also helped that my new fabric was stretchy, unlike the denim which hardly stretched. 

4. Then, I sewed on the sleeves to the jacket. (Right sides of the fabric together!)

5. After, it was on to the cuffs! I like cuffs on everything, because they add a little bit of length, and I feel they're super cozy. :) 

I cut out a piece (measure your sleeve opening), added about 1/4" seam allowance, and sewed it closed right sides together. (See the pink dots).

6. Then, I folded it in half, right side of the fabric facing out, as shown.

See? Cute little cuff!

7. Then, I placed my cuff inside my sleeve (right sides together). I sewed along the pink dotted line.

8. The final step was to lengthen the jacket a bit. I cut out a piece of fabric as shown. 
Width: I measured the bottom hem of my jacket and added about 1/2" seam allowance.
Length: This measurement was how much length I wanted to add to my jacket times 2, since it was going to be folded.

9. With right sides together, I sewed the ends closed (the pink dotted line).

10. Then, I flipped it inside out and serged along the top. If you don't have a serger, you can do a zig zag stitch. :)

11. Finally, I sewed the panel on to the bottom of the jacket. I sewed it on top of an existing seam, so it wouldn't be too noticeable. 

New jacket!

Now, let's take a look at what the other crafters created this month: 

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