How to Make & Sew Bias Binding

Binding is great, because the possibilities are endless!
You can match by making the binding out of the same fabric, or go totally wild and make contrasting binding.
Read more on how to make your own...

1. Measure your neckline to determine how long your strip should be. Remember to add about 1/2" - 1" for seam allowance at the end. (See Steps 5-6)

2. Fold your fabric on bias, as shown. Mark a straight line through. Cut as wide or narrow as you need. Just take into account all the folds you will need to make. (see next steps to determine how much you need)

3. Cut off this little pointed piece.

4. You strip now should look like this:

5. Fold both sides in, as shown. Iron to keep in place.

6. Fold in half and iron to keep in place.

7. Sew the bias binding shut and cut off the excess fabric.

8. Pin that piece down & sew, sew, sew!


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